Kingdom Innovation & Ministry Culture

Potter's Gate, founded and built upon Kingdom innovation continues to be the nucleus of the Potter's Gate culture and ministry Strategy. Our commitment to the creativity invested in us by God for the dynamic generation we live in, though the Word Himself remains the same. Open culture propels the recognition, development and maturing of talents, gifting, and callings that empower the body of Christ to grow their personal ministries and to evangelize the world for Jesus Christ and building the Church of Christ Jesus.

Re-unification of the body of Christ

During this end times, Potter's Gate have been mandated with the core and distinct ministry for the past years when we began providing the world access to the core ministry ethics and the re-unification of the body of Christ which is the church. Since its inception, Apostle J. Twene's apostolic-prophetic insight for ministry has helped develop our rich history of the core Kingdom innovation.
Apostle Twene believes that, "The presentation of the gospel of grace is just as important as the gospel namely, Jesus Christ Himself." Today, Potter's Gate ministers to bring a spiritual revolution to the body of Christ and the world to repent from the state of apostasy and be reconciled to the one and only true God and His purpose for His church, for the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
Whether it is through the Internet, personal or global evangelism, our ministry sees Kingdom innovation as a strategic ministry practice that is continuously enhanced, developed and encouraged and keeps us a unique ministry.
It is explicit that at Potter's Gate, Kingdom innovation is in our DNA. All members and our ministry affiliates are mandated with Kingdom innovation as part of their day-to-day operations and ministrations. Potter's Gate Kingdom Innovation is a trans-discipline charged with identifying the emerging needs of the broken hearted and to reshape them anew through the transformation power of God.