Frontier Church Planting Initiative

Potter’s Gate Ministries’ Frontier Church Planting Initiative cooperate actively and completely surrender to God in His church planting mission through the prayerful, strategic and diligent birthing of churches that multiply disciples who multiply Churches.

Our Church planters target the vast majority of the un-Churched generation to fulfill the Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all nations.

We achieve our Church multiplication as God speak into the heart of His chosen churches, ministries and organization who carry the burden to start or partner with Potter’s Gate Ministries in a mother/daughter Church plant, or into the heart of an individual with a burden to plant a church in a specific area.

We are specifically looking to multiply new churches in our major urban areas. We are willing to consider a new plant in an area for which the Spirit of God may be burdening an existing church or a new planter. If you feel that God is leading you to plant a church in an area where most mainline denominations are in decline, and there is an approximately 60% non-churched rate Potter’s Gate Ministries will partner to plant healthy reproducing churches. We are looking for church planters who are willing to cooperate actively with God in His church planting mandate through the prayerful, strategic and diligent birthing of churches that multiply disciples whose passion is to see churches multiply.

A case can be made that new churches evangelize better than established churches. That is why we encourage existing churches to be revitalized, through intentionally birthing new congregations and partnering with new planters. We will work with planters to become established, find healthy partnerships, encourage them to build core group and launch the Church plant.

The Frontier Church Planting Vision

The vision of the Potter’s Gate Church planting Initiative is to cooperate actively with God in His church planting mandate through the prayerful, strategic and diligent birthing of new churches that multiply disciples whose passion is to see churches multiply.

The Kingdom Strategic Plan

(1) Build a relationship between churches and church planters.

Mother Churches: The Potter’s Gate Ministries will work with existing churches to help them develop their church planting strategy. That includes helping recognize train and empower a church planter if needed. Churches that desire to become church planting churches must have the wholehearted approval of their Church, Senior Pastor and Church leadership. They will commit to establishing a daughter church, viewing the planter as their church planting pastor, assisting in an elder board capacity with the planter in making decisions about location and structure until the has developed her own leadership structure, and will invest time, people and finances to see the daughter church mature.

Partner Churches: Sometimes a new plant does not have a relationship with a mother church. In such cases we will encourage partnerships with other like-minded congregations to assist as they are getting started. While they do not birth the church from within their own congregations and do not make decisions about location, style of worship, or church structure, they do commit to:
•Praying faithfully and passionately for the plant;
•Providing hands-on help
•Allowing the plant to speak into their church through pulpit exchanges, worship team exchanges, and participation in joint ministry
•Supporting the plant financially, along with other individuals family of ministries until it is established and can stand on its own.

Church Planters: We will guide a potential planter through assessments, require that they attend Evangelism and Church plant training and will identify a coach to come alongside the planter for the first couple of years. These ABC's of church planting (Assessment, Boot Camp and Coaching) will be required of every planter. In addition, each church planter and church plant will require approval by the Potter’s Gate Church Development Team.

(2) Church Planting Covenant Partners

When available through the giving of church planting Covenant partners, our ministry will connect givers to Church plants. Through reports and accountability, planters can let their donors know of ministry goals and progress. Donors can then pray, participate and provide resources to the Church plant as it is getting started. It is the hope that through the generosity of givers, through personal church planter fund raising, and relationships with partnering churches that each plant will be adequately funded.

The requirements to receive funds are that the plant has:
•A church planter approved by the Potter’s Gate Church Development Team (the planter will have been assessed, attended or will attend training, and will agree to work with a coach for two years).
•A group of 20 adults who are committed to being a church.
•A target launch date.
•A mother church or one partner church in place.

An additional requirement is that the church plant must prepare quarterly ministry and financial reports as well as yearly reports.

Urban/Intercultural Ministry

Our goal is to strengthen and expand the impact of the Gospel in the urban and intercultural areas. We come from many different backgrounds and that's important because the millions of people in our society today come from all corners of the globe.

Many of our churches and church plants use languages other than English for their worship. We hope that number continues to rise. In reducing barriers for people to hear the Gospel, we want to minister to our immigrant populations in their heart language while also helping each generation adapt to the American culture. We want to build bridges for the Gospel in our urban centers. And we want to be the Body of Christ, modeling the values and actions of Jesus Christ.

It is our ultimate prayer that you are challenged to pray and to get involved as God leads.