Creative and Fine Arts Ministry

The Creative and Fine Arts ministry provides diverse opportunities for gifted and talented people of God, set apart to participate in leading the congregation of the Potter's Gate Ministries into the presence of the Lord. Involvement includes skillful ministration of the word of God through music, singing in the choir, musicians, praise and worship team, ensemble and soloists.
Worshipping God at Potter's Gate Ministries is surrounded by highly symbolic works of arts and dances that point our minds and hearts toward our Creator and Savior. Beautiful in themselves, these works are an inherent part of our corporate worship, inspiring and enhancing our appreciation of the glory of God. Because of its creative nature, art is truly a reflection of God's creative Spirit.
Through the creation and the perception of beauty, we praise and celebrate the creative power of God. Art is, in this, respect, an aspect of praise and worship.
The Creative and Fine Arts Ministry is coordinated by the Fine Arts Advisory Team, comprised of artists and church members. The team is responsible for the development and display of the church's permanent art collection. Increasingly, the team is exploring ways to highlight the dramatic and literary arts, as well as the visual arts.
The ministry allows believers to express their worship of the LORD through music, performing and fine arts. To learn of the requirements and practice expectations, please contact the ministry for in-depth information.