Christian Leadership Development


Potter’s Gate strongly believes that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to achieving growth over the long term. Designed for emerging leaders, our ministry equip you with the decision-making skills required to expand your leadership capacity, deepen your understanding of core Kingdom-mindset ministry and Church functions, and improve your ability to lead cross-functional and cross-cultural Church and/or ministry initiatives amid challenging end-time generation.

Servant Leadership Education at Potter’s Gate Ministries will emerging leaders and leaders alike to become humble, selfless leaders who are called to a life-long commitment of serving, and who aspire to affect both immediate and long-term change in order to reshape and transform their community and the lives of the poor, underprivileged and/or marginalized in our society. We do this through the intentional formation of leaders and aspiring leaders into becoming servant leaders and agents of local and global Spiritual and social change.

Among our key concepts in leadership development one may find:

Experiential learning: positioning the individual in the focus of the learning process, going through the four stages of experiential learning 1. Concrete experience 2. Observation and Reflection 3. Forming abstract concept 4. Testing in new situations.

  • Self Efficacy: The right training and coaching that bring about 'Self efficacy' in the trainee. A person's belief about his capabilities to produce effects
  • Visioning: Developing the ability to formulate a clear image of the aspired future of an organization unit, personal vision or ministry.
  • Attitude: Attitude plays a major role in being leader.

Our leadership development program will enable you to develop a plan that helps you gain essential leadership skills required for roles across a wide spectrum from a youth environment, corporate world, to ministry and Church leadership.

Succession Planning

The development of "high potentials" to effectively take over the current leadership when their time comes to exit their positions is through succession planning and is our priority.

This allow a sharp focus on organization's future and vision, in order to align leadership development with the future the ministry or Church aspires to create. Thus successive leadership development is based not only on knowledge and history but also on a dream. For such a plan to be successful, a training of future leadership should be based not only on "what we know and have" but also on "what we aspire to become". We train you to become involved in succession planning should the current leadership representing the vision had to exit their leadership position due to any cause.