Ministry Start-up and Development


"Our goal is to enhance our clients' ability to accomplish their mission with excellence and integrity."... Apostle J. Twene

Valuable resource center for church and ministry development. We provide a various array of ministry services to churches, Christian schools, para-church ministries, and mission agencies. Our on-site consultations and vast experience allows us the opportunity to suggest ways for you to consider improving your ministry to further impact your community with the gospel of Christ. We will assist you in making your ministry more effective.

We offer the following services for ministries:

Public Relations and Marketing- We help ministries develop effective public relations campaigns and marketing strategies in order to help them take their ministry to the next dimension. Consulting includes press release development, press kits and materials, public relations campaigns and more.

Strategic Media/Advertising Planning- Ministry Consulting Associates provides consulting regarding media/advertising initiatives for ministries.

Program Development- Let us help you develop strong programs for your ministry, i.e. young adult programs, discipleship training and more.

Event Consulting - Having trouble getting your event off the ground, let us provide consulting to help you organize and structure your event for success.

Website Consulting/Project Management - Does your ministry need a website, but doesn't know where to start? Let us manage your website project. We can articulate and assist you with the technical jargon and connect you with our fabulous web designers to ensure you have an outstanding website that effectively represents who you are! Call us today!

Training Instructional Designing - Let us help you design your training curriculum or workshop materials. We will ensure that your workshop encompasses all of the learning styles and disciplines in order to ensure your training or workshop is effective and gets great results.

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