Prisons Ministry

The Prisons Ministry seeks the rehabilitation and transformation of inmates and their reconciliation with God, family, and community through the power and truth of Jesus Christ.
The ministry also provides prison re-entry programs to prevent ex-prisoners' re-entry into prison.
Partnership with other organizations is encouraged to bring into full fulfilment of the cause to prevent prison re-entry.
The Prison Ministry believes not only the transformation and the rehabilitation of those incarcerated due to the violations of the laws of the land but also those who are in the prison of their past experiences, prison of addictions and others who are in the prison of their own mentality. The prison of religion, traditions and customs within the body of Christ is well dealt with by the Prisons ministry.
The prisons ministry earnestly seek Jesus Christ's transforming grace and truth be manifested in the lives of prisoners and their families. Potter's Gate Prisons Ministry partner with local churches, other prisons ministries, nonprofit and religious organizations in Christ's work to restore prisoners to the community and Church as contributing members, bearing witness that no life is beyond the reach of God's saving and transformation power.
We also provide free counseling and encouragement, not only for repentant convicts and juveniles who want to turn from their past and live for Jesus, but also for incarcerated new believers and backsliders who struggle hard to understand the Bible and to live the Christian faith.