School of Ministry

The School of Ministry exists to provide training for those sensing the call to ministry, whether as a credentialed minister of the Potter’s Gate Ministries or as an equipped layperson within a local church. The School seek to promote a unified purpose for ministry by providing doctrinal and practical instruction based on common core values and shared ministry goals.
The School of Ministry classes is conducted once a month 10 times each year. Three courses are offered during each session; one for each corresponding credentials level (commissioned, licensed and ordained). Students participate in six hours of class room instruction (three hours on Friday evening and three on Saturday morning).

A final exam is taken and scored at the end of the final session. Prior to class, each student is required to work through the course text and text overview.

A minimum of 12 hours of preparatory work is usually needed. The classroom instruction provides an overview of the material, practical applications and the opportunity for questions and discussions. Instructors use personal experience and a variety of teaching methods.
Sessions are held at The Potter’s Gate Ministries premises North Brunswick, New Jersey.
If you're looking for a Christian college or a distance learning theological studies where you can learn to clearly and consistently hear the voice of God through every step of your educational journey, then the School of Ministry is the place for you! You are invited to experience the life-transforming power of God's voice, which is the central focus of the School of ministry. We offer Christian distance learning or correspondence courses for college-age students as well as adults, all of which can be applied toward your online degree or certificate in Christian Counseling, Theology, Divinity, Youth Ministry and many other areas.

Complete a Spirit-anointed Bible College Degree!

You can complete all coursework for your degree from home through our online School of Ministry and Christian leadership. Learn how to clearly hear the Lord's voice, receive divine vision, and move in the anointing of God during your Christian education.
At the School of Ministry, the teaching style is Hebrew rather than Greek, meaning you will begin with real-life issues and, through prayerful meditation, you will receive enlightenment from God which results in life transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.
This is different from what you would experience at most other Christian colleges and theological seminaries.
Christian Leaders, please make members of your congregation aware of this great opportunity.
Contact us and consider Potter’s Gate School of Ministry when seeking credentials or advancing to the next credential level.