Tamar Coalition Inc.

Tamar strives to provide premiere national and international services for women in their quest to rebuild and re-establish the family home. We achieve this by providing professional development training that set us apart through our distinctive capacity to connect to diverse organizations and populations nationwide and internationally.

This is accomplished through unique networking forums, national and international conferences, professional development venues, advocacy, and collaborative development.
Tamar unites women in definite efforts to build strong families. The group provides for the establishment of Girls group for young women and girls as is embraced by Potter's Gate corporate body.

Healing the Wounded Heart of Broken Women

Join the countless of women as we journey to the rock bottom of their wounded hearts. Through this group you will experience the reshaping, transformation and creating hope as we challenge the frustrations and afflictions that have caused many women to become hurt and still living in past hurt keeping them bound, preventing them to become the women they are intended to be.
We strive to overcome the strategy to destroy the seed she carries (Manchild). Many women increasingly emasculated by these tragedies, traumas, rejection, neglect and abuse are reshaped.
Through Tamar, the group have raise literally thousands of women through life-changing, soul-cleansing, mind renewing education, mentoring and recovery from the past. Tamar restores marriages, healed confidences and established empowerment.
The group provides a platform for women to bear their hearts that no one cares to hear, women who had an issue she could not discuss.
Tamar also provides men a deeper understanding into the caves and crevices of the female heart.
It represents over comers, women throughout history have attained to a state of full maturity and completion for their era. Tamar Ministries develop women into maturity as a cooperative body not just as individuals.